Feeling The Moment Slip Away…..

Hiya, I’m back!!

Funny Scenario really the reason why I once again am blogging!! Firstly I went out last night and had an awesome time and secondly a moment that took place in a supermarket today!!

Firstly last night- A night takes place monthly at The Scala Kings Cross London called Facedown. I have been once and my experience wasn’t great, I got back late and didn’t feel that I got anything from it that I couldn’t have got my locally! However, some of my friends were going and some were contemplating going! I didn’t really feel it so declined the offers that came my way (It was one- I’m not cool!!). Despite my initial invitational decline I was persuaded to go by my good friend Brown Bear!! It took a while but I think deep down he knew he would convince me as, scarily he knows exactly how my brain functions!! Just briefly this was the one and only tactic used: He has been convincing me over the past sort of 4 months I suppose that a girl we often meet at Gigs fancies me who would be going. Now, firstly, I depute this and feel that she is just being nice/friendly and secondly, the feelings (if they do exist) aren’t reciprocated by myself. Now he managed, actually fairly easily, to get me to believe that in fact she does fancy me and visa verse!! See how easy it is to get in to my head!! So anyway we all headed for Kings Cross. I drove and we listened to some “Big Tunes” on the way down!! When we got there I had an awesome time and I loved pretty much every minute of it!! We met some interesting characters and some old friends and the whole night was wicked!!

I suppose what I am trying to say is that for whatever reason I didn’t want to go out last night but I did and I had a wicked time so what I am saying is that, within reason of course, you should try and become a “Yes Man” and take any offers that come your way because sometimes the most unplanned unlikely experiences can be some of the best of your life. Think about that for a second……..

Oh and before I forget how this relates to an incident that happened in the supermarket today. I saw an attractive girl and we had what I would call a “moment” and  I was just thinking how if you walked up to every girl you fancied and said hi how you would be improving your chances of taking yourself out the singledom pool that myself and many others are in. We don’t do it due to fear of rejection/ embarrassment but even if we do get rejection what’s the chance of seeing the majority of them again? What I am trying to say (sorry for waffling!!) is that we should live our life to the full and do everything that we want to do whether it be talk to the attractive girl, bunnjy jump or just spend a night out with some awesome friends and also some things we don’t want to do because we never know what will happen tomorrow

“So Live Your Life”

Peace Out

Mr Happy xxxx


Its Been 7 Hours and 16 Years, Since You Took Your Love Away..

Well no actually its been 68 days- Sorry :(. I have been constantly reminded of the fact that I have been somewhat slacking in the blog department by my good friend but there is a genuine reason. For the last 6 weeks I have been on my school placement for my second year of Uni. Basically I have been extremely busy what with teaching all day and working at Jessops till 10! But I loved every minute!! (due to school and child protection I  cannot name the school or children)

This year I was assigned year 3 children so 7 and 8 year olds. The children were a lot younger than last years placement and at first I was extremely apprehensive about teaching in this school as behavior was obviously a problem. However, as soon as my block 6 weeks started and I started teaching I had great fun not only with the children but also with class teacher and teaching assistant! I taught lots this year and really feel I have developed my skills as a teacher. 

One child in the class who was a constant pain but who I really liked made this school placement for me. One day when he was kept back from assembly to redo some work he asked me a very strange question (the next part is actually conversation) :

Pupil A- Mr Murrock have you ever been a singer?

Me- What? No just concentrate on your work!

Pupil A- Oh its just you look just like someone on my sisters cds!

Me- What did I just say lets try concentrating!!…………… Wait a minute who? Who do I look like?

Pupil A- I can’t remember……. Mut…… Mut………..


Pupil A- That’s it. You look just like him. I reckon you could be his other person!!

Me- You mean body double. Ok your not the first person to say that but lets get on with some work now!

Pupil A- So what do you wanna be when you grow up?

Me-A teacher!

Pupil A- What a real one?

Me- Nah a fake one!

You can see why I loved this kid!! My favorite bit has to be “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” “What a real one?” because obviously a student teacher is a fake one!!

Another highlight  was another child’s jokes mainly based around Turkey!!

What did the Turkey say to the Cow?

You? You’re late for dinner!!


What did the Turkey say to Mr. Murrock?

You’re a naughty boy! You should have eaten me!!

I can honestly say I have loved every single minute of my school experience this year and now cannot wait until I am a Qualified Teacher and have my own class!! My class teacher said that who ever my first class are will be very Lucky and my link tutor commented that my art lesson(which I was shitting myself about!!) was the most inclusive class (everyone being involved) he had ever had the pleasure to observe!!

Can I just take this opportunity to say if you are considering a career with children don’t hold back because it is so rewarding. Not many people can come home from work and say “I have the best job in the world!!” but I can!

Now lets get on with being a proper student!! Get ready for the impending return of Beer Note Book……


Peace Out

Mr Happy xxxx

Oh yeah and as special treat because I haven’t blogged in ages I will reveal my identity…………………………  


Here's Me!!!


Obviously Tom Fletcher from Mcfly!!


Like a cold day in august, I was not prepared for this

Well what can I say this was going to be Beer Note Book (part 3) but unfortunately due to a stapling error the pages that i was written on got stapled together!!

So what to write about on this fine evening? Well what have I been up that has kept me from writing for a while. Well I have gone back to Uni and already my bag is out of control with papers everywhere (no wonder for global warming!!)!! Its fun being back at Uni meeting up with good friends but I must say that although I am closer than I ever have been to many of the girls on my course I feel further away than ever to them!! Doesn’t really make sense huh? Well think how I feel!! I can’t help that my previous relationships with women have left me and my emotions in ruins!! My personality is normally very bubbly and happy and I am proud of this. However, underneath is someone that is extremely scared of upsetting people and for this reason I am afraid to get to close (relationship wise)  to anyone incase a month down the line I don’t feelt he same and have to break things off. 

Nothing anyone says can help me I just need to break through this emotion wall that surrounds me and scares me every time I feel I am getting to close to someone. Anyone ever felt the same?

“To be loved, To be loved

What more could you ask for”


Peace Out

Mr Happy xxxx



Here have one,

Maybe I shouldn’t but I do,

I can’t help the way I feel,

The way you make me feel.


I lay here waiting for the phone to go,

As if holding a key role,

Will this play a key role in my life,

Will you be my strife?


Maybe tonights the the night,

to shape my future and put things right.


As I slowly drift away

I think maybe?

But old I know is your 

Once twice three times a lady…….



If This Is A Rom-Com, Kill The Director

Salt, Sugar. Beer, Whisky. Black, Blue. Red Wine, White Shirts. Speed Limits, Taxi Drivers. Chocolate, Baked Beans. Gary Glitter, Primary Schools. Somethings just don’t go together!! One that I missed off as you might have guessed is Comedy and Romance. Now I know hundreds of you out there will be screaming right now “Mr Happy you don’t know what your chatting about!!.” However, I can honestly say I have seen many good Romance films and hundreds of brilliant Comedy films but I really feel that I have never seen a great Romantic Comedy. 

Yesterday I watched “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” staring  Jason Segel, Kirsten Bell and Russell Brand and it left me thinking: If they were to concentrate on one aspect, Comedy or Romance, then the film would be much better because in parts it is funny and in part it is sweet but adding them both together only detracts from making either one great. 

I am sure many people yearly go and see these so called Rom-Com’s but I put it to them: Watch “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” or “10 Things I Hate About You” or Even “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days” and then watch a compilation of films like: “Titanic”, “Anchorman”, “Ghost” and “Meet The Parents” and tell me what was more rewarding. 

This leads us to think about society theses days. We live in a society that wants everything in one: Mobile phones that include call, text, e-mail, sat nat, mp3; TV’s that have dvd players, satellite tuners and VHS player built in; Printers that are also scanners, copiers and fax machines. Yes it might be  simpler and more convenient but personally I would rather carry several top quality things around than one that includes several mediocre gadgets (says the man that owns an iPhone!!) Anyway back to film…..

Comedy is something which I feel very strongly about and bad comedy hurts me!! Somethings should never be mixed and comedy and anything else is one of them- Don’t get me started on Wes Cravens Vampire In Brooklyn (Comedy and Horror Moron!). This won’t make any difference to film directors anywhere but “Hey Ho Lets Go”

“This is no Bridget Jones

This is no Bridget Bridget”


Oh I just got two in! Booya!!

Peace Out


Mr Happy xxxx


The Looks You Give Are So Contagious, The Way We Move Is So Outragous

This particular blog has been coming for a while now (well since last Wednesday!) but things always seem to get in the way. Last night for example I watched “From Dusk Till Dawn” which wasn’t that bad especially….. “Come on now Mr Happy concentrate on the blog!!” Ah yes sorry!

Basically this blog is about how/why we get attracted to someone? I am not talking people we know/ talk to on a regular basis I am talking about on first seeing someone what makes us go “Cor’ she’s fit!” or “She’d get it”. The way I see it i could really be a combination of many different things:

  • Facial Looks
  • Dress Sense
  • Eyes
  • Smile
  • Body
  • Hair
Now even though I am writing this I have absolutely no idea what the first thing I notice is? Which has left me in a state of confusion. Is it a combination of all of the above including more that I may not have mentioned? Or is it just one that grabs you? 
I need your help Mr. Happy lovers? What are your views please let me know.
You may be wondering what drew me to writing such a random blog? Well this is it: Last Wednesday at “Bill and Trav’s Bogus Journey” some girls took a bit of a shine to me and a close friend (squarebrackets.wordpress.com) and it left me wondering in my modest mind! Why are these girls shouting, smiling, offering me doughnuts and sitting on my lap!!(I was scared!!) I couldn’t put my finger on it and I got me thinking- which is always dangerous- hence why this has appeared!
Please Help…
“I want you so hard
I want you so good”
But Why?
Peace Out 
Mr Happy xxxx

New Friend Request

This Poem/Song Lyrics really remind me of how I am with girls on websites such as Myspace, Facebook and if your a looser Bebo and I am sure there are hundreds more of you out there:


I remember when I first laid eyes on you
My man Tom introduced us but I was too shy to say hi
When I finally built up enough nerve to drop a line
You made it clear you wasn’t just another myspace mistress
And I didn’t take it personal
When you ignored my request to be your friend I spilled my guts and hit send
2 weeks for a response and got nothing
Honestly it only made me want you more
Week 4 rolled around and I was this close to letting go
But something wouldn’t let me even though I hardly knew you
It was plain to see we were meant to lock lips
You knock me out with the brass knuckle tats on your hips
I was on this website late night lurking
When I got a message from you that was labled urgent
You said you weren’t impressed by lame dudes with no game
They’re all the same trying to get your instant messenger name
But the fact that you’re hitting me back made me smile
You must’ve saw something you liked when you was skimming through my profile
You caught me at the most pivotal moments
And now I’m emailing my love a dozen digital roses

So click approve, so simple
Show me some kind of sign and let me know it’s time to make my move
Just click approve, come on girl
Baby I’m one of a kind and I ain’t got time to lose
Just click approve, you’re killing me here
Show me some kind of sign and let me know it’s time to make my move
Just click approve, come on girl
Baby I’m one of a kind and I ain’t got time to lose

Let’s face it, it’s a sad situation when we have to resort to keyboards as a means of making relations
But I don’t have the patience, I get straight to the point
So this is me at my most honest
No egos, no Gym Class status, just Travis
Love it or leave it, but you gotta admit
On a scale of 1 to awesome I’m the shit
Just get over it, it happened god damnit, I’d been waiting too long
I even wrote a song about, like to hear it, here it go
If I’m being too annoying, let me know (just let me know)
But its hard for me to not hate
When I’m on myspace I never see my face in your “Top 8”
Approaching 6 weeks now, it’s kinda obvious that you’re either occupied or playing a game
All my money’s on the latter, this is not a “lol” matter
Why would you pass up a chance this great?
If there were two forces and I split them down the middle, I could swing back and forth for 3 days (Rephrase)
If I had two horses, and I beat them with authority, I’d gallop all the way to Canada to see your face
But all I got is this Powerbook and Ichat
Besides I hit you all the time and you never write back
I stay on my feet (shit)
And be persistent until my name is under “who you’d like to meet”

So click approve, so simple
Show me some kind of sign and let me know it’s time to make my move
Just click approve, come on girl
Baby I’m one of a kind and I ain’t got time to lose
Just click approve, you’re killing me here
Show me some kind of sign and let me know it’s time to make my move
Just click approve, come on girl
Baby I’m one of a kind and I ain’t got time to lose

Who cares if we don’t know each other’s last name
All I know is that I’m smittin with your pictures wishing you would feel the same
I’ll admit I get a lil jealous when other dudes leave you comments
Don’t let it gas you up, it’s all nonsense
Make me out, romancing the thought of me and you speaking in tongues in this mansion I bought
But it’s all wishful thinking
Just give me some kind of sign to let me know I’m not freaking you out
And if you love then what I’m speaking about, then say something
I check my inbox 10 times and there ain’t nothing
You probably busy doing something sexy
I just hope I’m in your thoughts next time you log in
And if not, ain’t no love lost between you and me
I’ll be here when your man ain’t fully down as he used to be
So yeah its time to sign out, my vision’s getting blurry
This is madness, xoxo dash Travis

So click approve, so simple
Show me some kind of sign and let me know it’s time to make my move
Just click approve, come on girl
Baby I’m one of a kind and I ain’t got time to lose
Just click approve, you’re killing me here
Show me some kind of sign and let me know it’s time to make my move
Just click approve, come on girl
Baby I’m one of a kind and I ain’t got time to lose
So click approve


Sorry this blog is so lame! Hopefully this meant something to you- It does to me!! 

Peace Out

Mr Happy xxxx